TotalSim Application Development for Modeling and Simulation


TotalSim will create a CFD web application that’s directly customized to your company’s needs. Simply upload your CAD to the cloud, select the test conditions you wish to simulate, and submit the test to our remote supercomputers for processing. Everything else is automatic. Contact us to discuss whether a custom app is right for you.

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Stop spending time repeating the same tasks to pre- and post-process every simulation. Our custom CFD applications are entirely automated. Just describe what you want to test and our custom applications will do the rest.



Our custom applications don’t conduct “watered-down CFD”. Behind every application is the full, highly accurate simulation model we’d provide for in-house usage or a consulting engagement.



The three highest costs for engineering simulation are staff, software and hardware. Save on all three with a custom CFD application. Our custom applications are priced so you only pay for what you use. And the productivity boost for your engineers will ensure you’re maximizing your simulation ROI.


How It Works

  1. We’ll work with your engineering team to identify your simulation needs.
  2. We’ll build a simulation based around your test processes, ensuring your custom CFD application is correlated to your physical test results, and serving as an accurate performance prediction tool.
  3. We’ll construct a custom web application to drive the entire simulation process.


Have an idea for a CFD Web App to fit your workflow?

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