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Since 2009, we at TotalSim US have been utilizing cutting-edge CFD simulation technology to provide unparalleled accuracy across eleven industries. We have successfully completed over 1,200 projects, and our automated workflows have significantly reduced time-to-market and research and development costs for our clients. Our expertise in simulation and modeling allows us to provide more accurate data than physical testing, helping our clients improve their design and performance. We are proud to announce our partnership with Siemens Digital Industries Software, becoming an official reseller of STAR-CCM+ software, a top-tier CFD solution used across diverse industries. Our clients have praised our expertise, efficiency, and excellent customer service. We are committed to meeting the evolving CFD needs of our clients and are ready to assist them in their CFD journey.

Let Our CFD Services Work For You

What We Do

As problem solvers, we help you solve your toughest engineering challenges. From consulting to industry applications, our decades of hands-on expertise shines through in our ability to simplify complex CFD processes. We are software agnostic and help you get the most value from your CFD investments by standardizing workflow automation.

Because we are relationship driven, whether local or global, our clients count on us to be there with dependable, high quality support and delivery. Our relatable team works alongside you, collaborating to overcome challenges and accelerate productivity. We help you empower your team’s success by rounding out your in-house CFD expertise.

What We've Done

From our decades in Formula 1 and motorsports we have leveraged our learnings and industry insight in aerodynamics and design to use CFD to help our clients. We help solve the toughest engineering challenges and outperform the competition.

Whether working with NASCAR, Honda Racing, GoFly, major automotive OES or global consumer goods companies, we make it easy to accelerate design and development by automating CFD calculations and workflows, taking your ideas from initial concept to high performance reality.

Who We Are


Understanding real-world constraints, we are able to apply expertise and offer insights and practical advice on the latest trends impacting design, development and performance. Having been in the field for decades ourselves, our high-value solutions keep you ahead of the competition. Our intuitive industry applications make you a CFD expert and allow you to accelerate testing and development for high-powered results.

In addition to CFD consulting and custom software, we offer industry-specific applications, training, support and hardware to ensure your product is performance-ready.

What Our Customers Have To Say

"TotalSim's expertise in CFD and Aerodynamics is leading-class. The team particularly knows how to solve problems in uncharted waters...I firmly believe the PostPro and Results Manager tools are among TotalSim's best products."

Andy Luo
DZYNE Technologies

“The money we spent on CFD saves us money in the long run because when we go onto the track or we go to the wind tunnel we’re already 90% sure we are going down the right path.”

Dr. Eric Jacuzzi
Vice President of Vehicle Performance at NASCAR

"Follow through on a project. Naethan does a great job of going through the CFD results with the client and explaining the status and recommended improvements."

Clay Ratcliffe
Porta Performance

"Customer service is excellent!"

Matt Swan
Meyer Shank Racing

"Good modeling, quick test results."

Leif Rideout
Rideout Promotional Media, LLC

"Technical results and direction are always top notch."

Chief Engineer
Major Automobile Manufacturer

"Support and knowledge of our environment is always great."

IT Manager
Major Automotive Manufacturer

"Great at turn-key CFD runs for commercial vehicles."

Engineering Director
Aerodynamic Part Manufacturer
TotalSim NPS - 2

We are pleased that our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88 more than exceeds the industry average of 67. This means our clients would overwhelmingly recommend us!

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