TotalSim’s extensive expertise in motorsports will increase your vehicle’s efficiency and reduce lap time, bettering your chances of winning on the track.

With unmatched experience in motorsports, TotalSim has designed and developed race cars in nearly all racing categories. Our applied expertise spans from Formula 1 cars to Le Mans prototypes. We have led numerous development programs from conceptual design to full production road and race cars.

Improve Performance while Saving Time and Budget

TotalSim has consistently delivered performance gains seen computationally to the track. We have developed a highly efficient and refined CFD process that allows for rapid turnaround of results. There are many aspects that are important to the performance of a vehicle including external aerodynamics, internal flow, and thermal management. Our CFD tools help you understand and visualize your vehicle’s performance that may have only been previously available in a wind tunnel or otherwise was too cost-prohibitive to physically test and iterate. Several of our clients now go directly from CFD to track testing, removing the need for expensive wind tunnel testing.


Some of the Series we have worked on include


Formula 2

Garage 56


Touring Cars



Formula 3



Landspeed cars and bikes


Formula 1

Le Mans Prototype


World Series by Renault

Drag Racing

Client Case Studies

Honda Performance Development

Through TotalSim and Honda Performance Development’s long-standing partnership, TotalSim helps with various types of projects. One such project was TotalSim and Honda Performance Development’s work on the RealTime Racing Acura TLX GT driven by Peter Cunningham which helped lead to consecutive years of course records at the Pikes Peak International Hill climb event.


Prior to any race, one of NASCAR R&D’s goals is to better understand the safety of the drivers at various racing conditions. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a valuable tool to evaluate complex flow interactions. Developing CFD capability can seem overwhelming but it can be manageable. TotalSim worked with NASCAR R&D to help get them to where they wanted to be.

Lower your R&D spend on prototypes with virtual prototypes, expand your capabilities to assess downforce, drag and safety without the need to conduct as many expensive physical tests, and enhance efficiencies by automating workflows. No matter your specific goal, TotalSim thrives on solving the most complex aerodynamic challenges.

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