Various CFD software packages exist to cater to different needs, applications and preferences.

CFD software comes in both open-source and commercial variants. Open-source software like OpenFOAM is freely available, allowing users to modify the code and contribute to its development. Commercial software, such as Siemens STAR-CCM+, may offer additional features, technical support and integration with other engineering tools.

TotalSim's Range of CFD Software

Siemens Star CCM+

TotalSim utilizes Siemens' Simcenter STAR-CCM+ for cost-effective CFD simulations, helping companies accelerate product development. Our hands-on consulting services use STAR-CCM+ to identify flaws, optimize designs and make informed decisions early in the design process.  TotalSim emphasizes expertise in STAR-CCM+, providing tailored simulations and analysis for efficient and optimized design exploration.



TotalSim streamlines OpenFOAM for CFD, optimizing it for the automotive and motorsports industries. Our developers enhanced OpenFOAM's core for accuracy and stability, ensuring fast and reliable CFD in large and small production settings. Custom utilities improve the Standard OpenFOAM® and are proven through real life situational success.



TotalSim provides cost-effective and user-friendly simulation applications for accurate CFD assessments. Tailored for diverse industries, these self-service apps require minimal training. The intuitive interface facilitates result management, and for complex simulations, we offer high-performance computing resources through their partnership with the Ohio Supercomputer Center.


Need help with custom development?

The diversity in CFD software arises from the varied demands of different industries, the need for specialized simulations and the evolution of computing technologies. By partnering with TotalSim, we can ensure that your work is done using the software that is best for your project.

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