TotalSim's OpenFOAM Expertise Makes Maximizing your CFD Efforts Easy 

We know how complicated OpenFOAM can be, that's why we have taken the base of OpenFOAM and narrowed it to be best for your CFD needs. Our developers have made modifications to the core of OpenFOAM that makes the code more accurate and stable for the work done within the automotive and motorsports industries. The TotalSim Process is a method that makes CFD fast and reliable for both large and small production environments. We have developed many custom pre-process and post-process utilities to enhance the Standard OpenFOAM®. We stand by our process because we use it ourselves and have accomplished success through it's use in real life projects. Let us help you save time and money, while enhancing efficiency through our OpenFOAM CFD support. 


Why Partner With TotalSim for OpenFOAM?

Partnering with TotalSim for your OpenFOAM needs ensures you are completing your project in the most accurate and efficient manor, saving you both time and money.

Our engineers at TotalSim are all experts in the OpenFOAM software and comfortable using it to solve a wide array of technical challenges.

TotalSim has our own collection of automated workflow templates that work across all industries to allow problems to be solved in an automated and easily repeatable fashion.

By partnering with TotalSim you are opening your company up to using the same workflows as Formula 1 and major equipment manufactures without any of the hassle.

Many issues, such as automated meshing and post-processing, can become a burden when using OpenFOAM on your own. Instead let us take care of those challenges while you focus what else your project needs to thrive.

Do you have a project but aren't sure where to start? We also have an extensive experience in building customizable applications for client's specific projects.

Just contact us and we can talk it through together.


OpenFOAM Support Contracts Includes:

TotalSim offers 1-year CFD Support Contracts based on the popular open-source CFD solver OpenFOAM®. The price of the contracts is dependent on the nominated number of users and includes 100 hours of training and support.

Included within each support contract is:

  • Permanent installation of all OpenFOAM® based codes, as well as TotalSim’s proprietary software
  • Ongoing OpenFOAM software updates throughout the term of the contract, including TotalSim code updates that are released quarterly
  • Direct user support for TotalSim’s methods and codes
  • Training that covers TotalSim’s methods
  • Installation and IT support of OpenFOAM® and TotalSim codes
  • General OpenFOAM® usage support and advice on best practice methodologies
  • Access to customer wiki, documentation, best practice guides, tips and tutorials
  • Customer-specific code development including: codes, methods, task automation and simulation templates.

What Does Training With Us Look Like?

Training with TotalSim is a collaborative and hands on process. Our training sessions are created with the one goal of making sure participants can apply TotalSim’s process in their daily work for general race aerodynamic applications.

Our expert engineers join you in introductory training designed to introduce users to the TotalSim Process and usage of TotalSim’s OpenFOAM® based CFD tools.

Training consists of discussion and hands-on tutorials that focuses on the latest version (2.2.xE) of TotalSim’s OpenFOAM® based CFD tools (OpenFOAM® version (2.2)). 

Going into the training there is an assumed knowledge of general CFD practices and basic Linux commands, however, we are happy to assist in tuning up old skills.


Above is our training schedule for the first two days of the session. We are transparent about what you get through working with us, and are happy to answer any other questions about the process or what the contract entails. Feel free to contact us.

Our team can install the codes on your personal hardware or we have the option of a cloud hosted version of our software at the Ohio Supercomputer Center. We support the installation of the codes on your preferred cloud provider.


Leverage TotalSim’s Industry-Specific Apps

TotalSim has also applied its deep industry experience to develop intuitive, easy-to-use self-service applications for automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and trucks. Users can upload geometries and then run simulations without investing in custom development and expensive hardware.


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