CAE Automation Services

Optimize internal resources and streamline pre-processing, post-processing and data management with automated CAE process and workflows.

Maximize your CAE team’s productivity by giving them the ability to spend more time solving R&D challenges and less time processing data. You could dramatically decrease time allocated for setting up and running simulations by automating CAE processes and workflows.


TotalSim’s CAE Automation services include:

Automated pre-processing.

TotalSim has extensive experience in streamlining modeling and simulation pre-processing. Regardless of your pre-processing task, TotalSim can help. We’ve worked with a number of companies to automate everything from individual pre-processing tasks to the entire workflow of building simulations directly from CAD.

Automated post-processing.

If you have existing post-processing tasks you’d like to streamline, or a new requirement that can’t be accomplished by manual means, TotalSim can help. We’ll craft solutions using your post-processing software of choice, or provide a purpose-built solution from scratch.

Data management.

TotalSim engineers are experts in simulation data management and analysis. If you are in need of software to help manage large volumes of simulation or results data, TotalSim can create a custom solution directly tailored to your needs. We have experience with both desktop and web applications, interactive data exploration, simulation and results databasing, HPC queue interaction and more.

Need help with custom development?

Tap into the applied industry expertise and experience of the TotalSim to develop a custom CFD application to meet your needs. Learn more about our Custom CFD Consulting services.

Get the most value from your CFD investments and resources by automating and standardizing workflow. Sign up for a consultation today.

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