An Intuitive App that Simplifies Aerospace CFD Simulations

TS Aero is a web-based application for performing highly accurate computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations on aircraft, UAV, drone and multi-copter designs.

Accelerate Testing

With TS Aero, you can accelerate testing and development by simplifying typical CFD simulation methods. In just a few simple steps, you can analyze forces and flow on an aerospace vehicle. All you need to do is upload your geometry, select the test conditions for your simulation and then let the TS Aero app do the rest.

Cost-effective and intuitive, TS Aero provides a suite of post-processing results that can then be compared across designs and conditions for insight on trends and performance.


Airfoil Tool

Airfoil tool allows the user to run 2D simulations for different airfoils and wings. You have the ability to upload sections in CAD or section data from airfoil databases or XFOIL for example. Easy alpha sweeps and comparisons are accomplished with the results viewer. Various, speed, altitudes and temperature offsets can be simulated and compared.


Free-Flight Tool

The Free-flight tool is meant for any fixed wing aircraft. You have the ability to upload any geometry including body, wing, radiators, horizontal/vertical stabilizers, and landing gears to the App for your simulation. Free-flight tool also has the capability to simulate internal flow for engine cooling, etc.. The App has the ability to simulate your vehicle at any speed attitude, and at any altitude including temperature offsets for a non-standard day.



VTOL tool is meant for modeling flow around Drone and VTOL vehicles. Propeller geometries are not required as the propellers are modeled as Actuator Disks. The App has the ability to simulate your vehicle at any altitude with a temperature offset for non-standard day. Ground effects are also taken under consideration in the simulation with the user having the ability to enter a ground clearance height. Hover conditions with freestream velocity can also be simulated.


Benefits of Using TS Aero

Using TS Aero can help you overcome challenges and take your design from initial concept to a high-performance reality. There are many benefits to using TS Aero for your CFD simulation needs, including:


Get more accurate results with automated modeling and simulation tailored specifically to aerospace designs

Fast, Powerful and Secure Processing

Since TS Aero lives in the cloud, you can take advantage of our supercomputing power to run, store and scale simulations. With our stringent data storage practices, your intellectual property will be kept secure.


Every aircraft is unique and TS Aero can be customized to match your physical test processes and deliver accurate performance predictions.


Because TS Aero is web-based, you receive CFD expert-level results without the cost of dedicated staff, software or hardware.

Automate Processes

Simplify complex simulations by automatically meshing your geometry, configuring solver settings and organizing the results and images for view or download.


A vetted simulation process ensures repeatable, comparable results across your organization.




A highly intuitive and easy to use design, TS Aero requires little to no training and gives even a novice user the ability to perform production-grade simulations. Users are able to visualize and adjust their uploaded geometry using the web interface and check on the status of jobs on the supercomputer cluster.


Wide Variety of Geometries

Mesh and simulation scales to the size of different aerospace models for accurate simulation regardless of sector. For example, the application has been run on A320 airbus models with 34-meter wing spans and UAV models with wing spans of less than 0.5 meters. We have even tested multi-copter drones with as many as 128 propellers.

TS Aero Helps GoFly Competitors Take Flight

The GoFly competition is just one great example of the benefits of using TS Aero to run your simulations. GoFly held a competition to create a personal flying device over the span of two years. Along the way, these teams needed to test the applicability of their designs.

All contestants used TS Aero’s intuitive interface to run simulations on their design and were able to compare and gain insight from trends and performance data. Just like the contestants at GoFly, you can benefit from a cost-effective and highly accurate simulation to ensure your design is performing up to standards.

Learn more details about TS Aero and GoFly here

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