GoFly prize extended to Sept 2023

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Recently GoFly announced an extension of their competition for one final year, including the continued availability of the $1,000,000 Grand Prize!  With multiple teams progressing ever closer to personal flyers that meet the program’s technical rules, GoFly, sponsored by Boeing, has extended the competition through September 2023.

Stayed tuned to their website for more updates.

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Since the beginning TotalSim was an In-Kind sponsor of this challenge offering use of TS Aero to teams for aerodynamic analysis of their personal flying machines.  TS Aero is an intuitive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) web App and is used to simulate test conditions and run robust analyses on designs.  A suite of post-processing results is included in TS Aero allowing users to compare and gain insight from key trends and performance data.

Dozens of the teams used TS Aero and we gained incredible insight and feedback from the teams that used it. A few teams in particular used the app as their exclusive Aero modeling tool including team teTra, winner of the $250,000 Disruptor Award in 2020, who continue to use the application for GoFly and other design work.

Read more about the how the teams used TS Aero in this earlier article from 2019.

Learn more about TS Aero.

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