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We love speed, but not at the expense of accuracy. We’ve leveraged our expertise in aerodynamic consulting to assist companies across automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, process engineering and other industries. These case studies highlight how we have helped our clients using our validated real-world processes to accelerate their engineering design and development projects. Below, are a few of the many clients that we’ve had the privilege of assisting with their CFD needs.

Client Case Studies


Increasing Airborne Time of Battery Operated UAV

Griffon Aerospace, a business that produces unmanned air vehicles (UAV) for a variety of customers including The Department of Defense, was approached by a branch of the military to help them increase the amount of time airborne for their battery-operated UAV airplane.


Land Speed World Record

Hypersports, a Wisconsin-based builder of extreme high-horsepower, purpose-built snowmobiles, and engines, came to TotalSim with a goal of hitting 200 mph on their snowmobile, which if achieved, would break the land speed world record.


Supporting Next Generation of Automotive Engineers

The University of Southern California’s Formula SAE Racing Team is an entirely student-run organization that designs, constructs, tests, and races high performance autocross race cars as part of SAE International’s Formula SAE program and competition. Like all collegiate FSAE teams, they compete against universities from across the globe in an ultimate test of their car’s abilities.


Honda Performance Development

Through TotalSim and Honda Performance Development’s long-standing partnership, TotalSim helps with various types of projects. One such project was TotalSim and Honda Performance Development’s work on the RealTime Racing Acura TLX GT driven by Peter Cunningham which helped lead to consecutive years of course records at the Pikes Peak International Hill climb event.



Prior to any race, one of NASCAR R&D’s goals is to better understand the safety of the drivers at various racing conditions. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a valuable tool to evaluate complex flow interactions. Developing CFD capability can seem overwhelming but it can be manageable. TotalSim worked with NASCAR R&D to help get them to where they wanted to be.



A fraction more speed from aerodynamic improvement can be the difference between winning and losing.  This is highlighted in the recent collaboration between TotalSim and a bobsled designer to reduce drag on his new design.



How do you make virtual racing as realistic as possible? iRacing and TotalSim teamed up to make this happen



Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation can provide a cost effective alternative to aerodynamic testing in a wind tunnel. Inventure reduced their development time and costs by working with TotalSim and using the web-based TS Truck app to evaluate concept designs.


Medical Device Study

CFD is a useful tool in many industries but you might not immediately think of the medical field as one of them. TotalSim had the opportunity to partner with a medical device startup and used CFD to evaluate their prototype device.


TotalSim US Office Airflow Analysis

Have you ever wondered how well your office space airflow protects you from airborne contaminants or viruses like Covid-19? This was exactly the question that led TotalSim engineers to create a CFD simulation of their own office space.

TotalSim helps accelerate R&D and solve your most complex engineering problems.

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