Energy CFD

Solve your most complex production challenges with TotalSim.

Whether in oil and gas or wind engineering, the experienced team at TotalSim is dedicated to helping those in the energy industry apply CFD simulation to solve real-world problems on land or at sea.

The TotalSim team leverages our years of expertise to help you overcome your CFD challenges. We create models, run simulations and provide physical testing to help you turn your concept into high-performance reality. We’re here to analyze the multi-phase extraction process used in your fracking system or help you determine where you should locate your wind turbine fields to maximize efficiency. We can even assist with large scale simulations to analyze and determine the path and duration of plumes and how to mitigate them.

Achieve faster resolution to safety issues

With challenges like weather, pollution and regulations impacting your energy production or reaction to the markets, we collaborate with you to understand these challenges and your needs before starting any CFD project. With virtual prototypes that offer a cost savings over physical testing, you are able to spend your R&D budget on more pressing initiatives, while still being able automate workflows, which will help you identify ways to increase safety and enhance efficiencies.

TotalSim’s high-performance computing capabilities analyze vast amounts of data giving us the resources to provide you insights to accelerate decisions and expand your capabilities.


Lower your R&D spend on prototypes with virtual prototypes, expand your capabilities to overcome your CFD challenges without the need to conduct as many expensive physical tests, and enhance efficiencies by automating workflows. No matter your specific goal, TotalSim thrives on solving the most complex challenges.

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