Physical Testing of Aerodynamics

Obtain expert guidance for on-track, wind tunnel and bench testing, along with performance mapping and aerodynamics analysis.

TotalSim has decades of experience in aerodynamic testing and performance mapping. We provide expert guidance for on-track testing, wind tunnel testing, bench testing, performance mapping or any other king of aerodynamic analysis. We can plan and help execute your physical testing program while ensuring these tests and tools are closely tied to any simulation program to help move your development forward.


TotalSim’s Physical Testing services include:

  • Wind Tunnel Testing. TotalSim has a wealth of experience in both simulation-driven and tunnel-driven aero development programs. We also understand how to best leverage and correlate all tools available, be it Scale Model or Full Scale testing.
  • Track Testing. TotalSim engineers have decades of at-track Motorsports Race Engineering experience as well as other vehicle testing experience including controlled experiments, performance testing, driver coaching and setup work during Motorsports events
  • Performance Mapping. TotalSim can design testing programs to help map the aero performance of your vehicle. This allows you to understand how to best run the vehicle and can be used to supply off-line simulation tools and Driver-In-the-Loop simulators with proper and extensive aero maps.
  • Aerodynamic Analysis. TotalSim engineers have vast experience in correlation of physical testing and with simulation and CFD. We can advise on and execute tests that help you understand where to push your development program.

CFD and physical testing work hand in hand – CFD complements or often can even replace the need for physical testing especially in the early stages of development. The efficiency of CFD allows for more testing and design iteration to improve a design before committing to first prototypes for physical testing.

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Improve your vehicle’s performance. Tap into TotalSim's extensive physical testing expertise.

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Improve your vehicle’s performance by tapping into the extensive physical testing expertise of TotalSim.

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