Accelerate Testing of Semi-Truck Add-Ons with the TS Truck App.

TS Truck is a web-based application for performing highly accurate computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations of add-on aerodynamic devices for semi trucks, such as skirts, boat tails and VGs.


TS Truck gives you the ability to accelerate testing and development by simplifying typical CFD simulation methods. In just a few simple steps, you can analyze forces and flow on various parts of the rig. All you need to do is upload your geometries and set the simulation test conditions. The App includes a baseline tractor and trailer as well as all of the wheels. Generic boat tail and side skirt geometry are also included as optional geometry. TS Truck allows the user to design and improve aerodynamic features without having to worry about the baseline geometry. The App provides a suite of post-processing results for comparison across designs and conditions for trends performance. Results can also be downloaded for further analysis.


Benefits of TS Truck

Overcome design challenges and take aerodynamic semi-truck add-ons from concepts to reality. A few benefits of using TS Truck include:


Get more accurate results with automated simulations tailored specifically to truck designs.

Fast, Powerful and Secure Processing

Take advantage of the power and speed of our supercomputing resources to run, store and scale simulations. With our stringent data storage practices, your intellectual property will be kept secure.


TS Truck can be tailored to match your unique test processes and deliver accurate performance predictions.


Because TS Truck is web-based, you receive CFD expert-level results without the cost of dedicated staff, software or hardware.

Automate Processes

Simplify complex simulations by automatically meshing your geometry, configuring solver settings and organizing the results and images for view or download.


A vetted simulation process ensures repeatable, comparable results across your organization.



Mesh and simulation scales to the size of different truck designs for accurate simulation regardless of sector. Using TS Truck requires little user training. Use our intuitive design to upload geometry as already-defined components, such as wheel and body. Then set the test requirements and the TS Truck app does the rest. All simulation and results management is handled by the app and presented to the user in an intuitive interface. With the simulation results presented to you, you can focus on evaluating the data to compare designs and ensure your design performed the right way.


The truck app stems from an earlier Truck Add-On Predictor project sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and NCMS. By providing the same verified and widely accepted Generic SORHT truck and trailer model as before, you have the ability to compare your simulations against pre-existing correlation data.

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