Increase Efficiency and Evaluate Your CFD Data Quickly with the TS Results App.

TS Results is a web-based Simulation Data Management (SDM) software that aggregates CFD simulation output and experimental data to manage, analyze and report results in a timely manner.

TotalSim developed this solver-agnostic SDM tool so that output data collected from most CFD solvers can be put into a standardized format. This allows for easy comparison of results, creation of reports and more efficient collaboration among teams or organizations. TS Results accelerates the design cycle by automatically publishing CFD results, desired images, movies and plots in one place for quick and easy comparison, giving you more time to analyze results and refine designs and less time on collating and plotting data.

TS Results allows organizations already generating copious amounts of simulation data, to automate

their results into a single source to better leverage that data for quicker, more timely analysis, increasing overall throughput and deriving more from existing data. Standardization and repeatability of post processing, comparison and reporting, provides an archival, longitudinal view of comparative results over the long-term.

Ultimately, TS Results leads to greater efficiency, accelerated R&D and better designs, benefiting the productivity and output of the organization.

Benefits of Using TS Results

Using TS Results helps you organize your post-processing data to quickly compare CFD results and accelerate the design cycle. There are many benefits to using TS Results for your CFD simulation needs, including:

Fast, Powerful and Secure

TS Results can be installed on premise, in the cloud or at an HPC center giving you complete control over your data security and IP. From anywhere, your data is easily accessed through a web browser.


Supports multiple types of simulation codes and results sets, and is customizable to the specific needs of a company, division, or projects/users. If the organization already produces standardized post processing this legacy info can be captured and leveraged. Otherwise, one can easily be created and captured inside TS Results.


Intuitive and easy to learn for any user - you will be comparing data and creating reports right away. Tabular data, plots, images, and movies are all easily viewed, customized and compared.


Ability to share data in an efficient way among engineers, decision makers or customers, enhancing stakeholder collaboration with access control set by the controlling agency. Share best practice and standardized analysis and reporting across the organization.

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