Accelerate Time to Build Performance Curve with the TS Fan App.

TS Fan App is a web-based computational fluid dynamic (CFD) application to measure the performance of industrial and commercial ventilation fans using steady and unsteady naiver-stokes equations to simulate fluid flow across the rotating fan. CFD allows for a better understanding of the flow phenomena that would otherwise be difficult to obtain from physical experiments.

TS Fan accelerates the typical simulation time for HVAC, engine or generator cooling and fan design so you can test the operation of the fan or blade and get the performance curve analysis without the need for physical prototyping or manufacturing. With no need for physical testing, you are able to validate experimental results in hours rather than weeks. You are then able to make modifications quickly saving you time, money and effort.

By simply uploading the geometry of a fan and selecting the conditions you want to test, you can measure the mass flow of air through the fan, rotation of speed or measurement of torque. The TS Fan app produces better results and at a fraction of the cost of wind tunnel experiments. TS Fan is a turn-key solution that allows you validate results almost immediately without lag time in weeks of training.

Benefits of Using TS Fan

TS Fan can help take your designs from initial concept to a high-performance reality. Some key benefits of TS Fan include:


Get more accurate results with automated modeling and simulation tailored specifically to HVAC designs.

Fast, Powerful and Secure Processing

Since TS Fan lives in the cloud, you can take advantage of our supercomputing power to run, store and scale simulations. With our stringent data storage practices, your intellectual property will be kept secure.


Every HVAC is unique and TS Fan can be customized to match your physical test processes and deliver accurate performance predictions.


Because TS Fan is web-based, you receive CFD expert-level results without the cost of dedicated staff, software or hardware.

Automate Processes

Simplify complex simulations by automatically meshing your geometry, configuring solver settings and organizing the results and images for view or download.


A vetted simulation process ensures repeatable, comparable results across your organization.



TS Fan offers an intuitive interface for you even a novice user to perform a production-grade simulation. Users simply upload their geometry using the easy to use web interface, set test conditions and then let the app do the rest.

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