Streamline Automotive CFD Simulations with the TS Auto App.

TS Auto is a web-based application for performing highly accurate computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations on auto vehicles including concept cars, OEM and all types of race cars. TS Auto packages the TotalSim team’s more than 25 years’ experience and proven processes in racing aerodynamics into an easy-to-use app.


TS Auto simplifies typical CFD simulation methods to accelerate testing and development. By completing a few simple steps, you can analyze forces and flow on vehicles. All you need to do is upload your geometry, select the test conditions and then let the app do all the hard work for you. TS Auto includes a suite of post-processing results that can be compared across designs and conditions for insight on trends and performance capabilities.


Benefits of Using TS Auto

TS Auto can help you take your design from initial concept to a high-performance reality by streamlining simulations. Some of the key benefits of TS Auto include:


Get more accurate results with modeling and simulations tailored to the automotive industry.

Fast, Powerful and Secure Processing

TS Auto lives in the cloud, but takes complete advantage of our supercomputing power to run, store and scale simulations to efficiently provide results. With our stringent data storage practices, your intellectual property will be kept secure.


Every vehicle is unique and TS Auto can be customized to match your physical test processes and deliver accurate performance predictions.


Because TS Auto is web-based, you receive CFD expert-level results without the cost of dedicated staff, software or hardware.

Automate Processes

Simplify complex simulations by automatically meshing your geometry, configuring solver settings and organizing the results and images for view or download.


A vetted simulation process ensures repeatable, comparable results across your organization.



Easy to Use

Using TotalSim’s TS Auto app is an intuitive experience and requires little to no training. With a user-friendly interface, you can upload geometry as already-defined components such as wheel and body. Then set simulation conditions to test and let the app do the rest. With TS Auto, you can easily manage and compare results within the app.


Flexible Geometries

Mesh and simulation scales to your vehicle’s industry and specifications. TS Auto can run simulations on small and large complex designs. Examples of simulations ranging from small FSAE race cars and concept cars to race car prototypes, GT and Dirt Sprint Cars.



TotalSim offers free usage of TS Auto for FORMULA SAE Teams. Partnering with the Ohio SuperComputer Center (OSC), TotalSim and OSC will cover all fees for academic teams.

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