Tackle your toughest challenges and reach your CFD goals by leveraging the expertise of our trusted engineers, aerodynamicists and designers.

CFD isn’t something that can be easily picked up and learned on the fly. It’s a complex discipline whose processes require the attention of highly credentialed and experienced engineers, not to mention access to software and hardware with substantial computing power. That’s why, for most companies, strategically partnering with a rock-solid CFD consulting team makes the most sense. Here at TotalSim we are happy to become a collaborative partner in your work. 


Tap into our team’s extensive experience in solving complex engineering problems across a broad range of industries. We start by taking the time to understand your specific goals and challenges and then provide guidance on the right CFD approach for every stage of design and development. With TotalSim, you can accelerate development with an approach that aligns physical testing with simulations.

We believe that every client project is unique, so our engagement process is unique too. At TotalSim, we work with wonderful in-house CFD teams every day to improve their processes through evaluation, templating, workflow automation and other consulting work. For other clients, we act as their CFD department, leveraging our deep expertise and proven processes to deliver the results they need to solve problems, optimize design and outpace the competition.

CFD Capabilities:

Incompressible Flow

Compressible Flow

Heat Transfer & Radiation

Multiphase Flow

Discrete Element Method

Rotation & Translation

Reacting Flow

Solid Stress





Thermal Modeling

Lower your R&D spend on prototypes with virtual prototypes, expand your capabilities to assess lift, drag, and moments without the need to conduct as many expensive physical tests, and enhance efficiencies by automating workflows. No matter your specific goal, TotalSim thrives on solving the most complex aerodynamic challenges.

From consulting to industry applications, tap into our decades of hands-on expertise to simplify your most complex CFD challenges.

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