CFD Simulation allows your design and development to continue, even remotely


Due to current events, COVID-19 has forced millions of Americans to work remotely and avoid the office and other facilities altogether. While many are able to conduct business as usual from home using their laptops, many engineers need the high-performance capabilities of their local networks and desktops. To some extent connecting to the office via virtual private networks (VPN) can work effectively to continue design projects, but what about the testing and verification of designs? If your company doesn’t have a modeling and simulation (M&S) methodology and you rely solely on physical testing, projects may come to an impasse or a complete halt.

With limited access to, or completely shutdown physical testing, having a simulation methodology integrated into your testing and design means engineers can continue to develop and test regardless of location. Many companies have realized the importance of implementing M&S but, so far, have only started using these simulation tools with desktop resources. This is a good start, but the real power and flexibility comes when engineers can leverage High Performance Computing (HPC). Nowadays the power of HPC doesn’t have to be created onsite in a dedicated data center – the cloud and remote HPC can be leased or rented on a pay-as-you-go basis and accessed from anywhere.

Through our HPC capabilities and our partnership with the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), we are able to run CFD simulations remotely and at full capacity – from anywhere. With our simulations available via secure internet connection, the obstacles of limited computing power and accessibility are removed. We’ve also created self-service web browser based apps that allow engineers to upload CAD, set conditions, then run simulations and interpret the results on their own, all while maintaining the privacy and security of designs.

If you and your team are experiencing challenges in collaborating, viewing data from different locations and/or generating standardized reports to share remotely, we have developed a solver-agnostic Simulation Data Management (SDM) tool called TS Results that collects output data from most CFD solvers into a standardized format. TS Results accelerates the design cycle by automatically publishing CFD results, desired images, movies and plots in one place for quick and easy comparison.  In addition to setting you up for more productive data analysis, this tool allows for easy report creation and more efficient collaboration among teams or across organizations.

As a business owner, I know how important it is to try to continue work as close to normal and as safely as possible during these unprecedented times. Your R&D and testing doesn’t need to be put on pause due to the inability to conduct physical testing or by the lack of access to HPC computers. Let us help you start or expand your M&S capabilities and show you how to run simulations remotely – often for a fraction of the cost of traditional physical testing.

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