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Our support services help you maximize your CFD investment.

We want you to make the most out of your investment in CFD software by offering comprehensive support solutions for OpenFOAM.

OpenFOAM Support

TotalSim offers 1-year CFD Support Contracts based on the popular open-source CFD solver OpenFOAM®. Included within each support contract is an OpenFOAM® distribution, installation support, user training, ongoing code updates, TotalSim’s proprietary utility package and custom development time.

Our OpenFOAM support includes:

  • Permanent installation of all OpenFOAM® based codes, as well as TotalSim’s proprietary software
  • Ongoing OpenFOAM software updates throughout the term of the contract, including TotalSim code updates that are released quarterly
  • Direct user support for TotalSim’s methods and codes
  • Training that covers TotalSim’s methods
  • Installation and IT support of OpenFOAM® and TotalSim codes
  • General OpenFOAM® usage support and advice on best practice methodologies
  • Access to customer wiki, documentation, best practice guides, tips and tutorials
  • Customer-specific code development including: codes, methods, task automation, and simulation templates.

Interested in tapping into our expert OpenFOAM knowledge?

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