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Accelerate R&D and solve your most complex automotive and transportation engineering problems.

Our experienced team is known for using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to help our clients in the automotive and transportation industries outperform the competition. Whether you are looking to create digital prototypes, improve fuel efficiency, understand aerodynamic performance, or even automate workflows, TotalSim can help your R&D team.

From Cars to Motorcycles to Buses to Trains, TotalSim Applies its CFD Expertise to Optimize Performance and Efficiency

We have developed a refined process to help you optimize performance and efficiency. There are many aspects important to vehicle performance including aeroacoustics, external aerodynamics, internal flow, and thermal management. Our CFD tools help you understand and visualize your vehicle’s performance in a way that may have only been previously available through wind tunnel testing or is otherwise cost-prohibitive to physically test and iterate upon. Let us help you perfect your vehicle’s aerodynamic design by drawing from our extensive aerodynamic knowledge and experiences ensuring you stay ahead of the competition. See how we apply our expertise to Electric Vehicles.


Lower your R&D spend on physical prototypes with virtual prototypes, expand your capabilities to assess speed, fuel efficiency and safety without the need to conduct as many expensive physical tests, and enhance efficiencies by automating workflows. No matter your specific goal, TotalSim thrives on solving the most complex aerodynamic challenges.

Tap into one of our many services tailored for the automotive and transportation industries including:

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