TotalSim Marine Industry CFD Solutions

Totalsim’s dedicated solutions for the marine industry enable you to account for all aspects of a vessels performance.  We’ve streamlined the process of modeling the complex physics in marine propulsion, hydrodynamic, and aerodynamic CFD simulations. We easily visualize results helping you to evaluate and improve your designs.

Simulate at full scale in real conditions – Make decisions based on data you understand

By modeling real operating conditions at full scale in CFD you can understand the interaction between the hull and propulsion system in any sea condition. The complexity of models can range from simple, still water tow tests, to full multi-degree of freedom self-propelled runs in varying wave profiles. Our marine solutions coupled with our high performance computing, provides a robust process that will allow you to replicate any scenario needed to study and improve your designs.


Benefits We Provide You

Working with virtual modeling and simulation, allows you to accelerate your design process in 3D CAD reducing the number of physical prototypes and testing while being able to test all the conditions you want to evaluate. Whether testing hull design, propulsion or even investigating the effects of flooded compartment, our simulations will provide valuable insights to help you save time and money. And knowing you are backed by our expertise and tools for your in-house analysis and design you will gain added confidence in moving forward with a solution.

You can also tap into any of our many services tailored for the marine industry including:

TotalSim’s Marine Capabilities

  • Propulsion System Design
    • Prop blades, Jets, Hull interactions, Gear case, etc.
  • Displacement and Planing Hull analysis
    • Defined sink and trim or multi degree of freedom models
  • Self- Propulsion Analysis
    • Full simulation of vessel at various thrusts
  • Topside  Aerodynamics
    • Comfort, cooling, drag, etc.
  • Open Water Scenarios
    • Various sea conditions and wave profiles
  • Towing Tank Test
    • Replicate and validate physical testing

TotalSim Marine Propulsion Solutions

Our marine propulsion system solution will calculate forces and performance of propulsion systems designs that would allow you to optimize performance. By running sweeps of various RPMs, speeds, and design geometries we can help you arrive at a robust design solution that meets your performance targets.

Our solution is suitable to investigate design modifications in:

  • Blade designs
  • Gear Case profiles and interactions
  • Hull and control surface interactions

TotalSim Marine Hydrodynamic Solutions

Our Marine Hydrodynamic solutions allow you to understand the intricacies of hull design changes and how they effect performance parameters like resistance, lift, power required. Simulations can vary from steady state “tow tank” style tests with fixed sink and trim all the way to full multi-degree of freedom, self-propelled simulations that allow you to find planing speeds, trim conditions and other characteristics.

Our solution is suitable to investigate design modifications in:

  • Hull profiles, chines, steps, skirts rails, etc
  • Propulsion system alignments, locations, etc.
  • Rudder, trim and other control system analysis

TotalSim Marine Combined Solution

In order to assess a vessel’s total performance, it may be necessary to model the full Hydrodynamin propulsion system and rudder. Our coupled solution in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics accounts for the forces taking place around the vessel and its components. This combined solution approach allows us to determine quantities of interest along the entire spectrum of physics phenomena to mimic scenarios at any scale.

Capabilities for a combined hyrdo-aero marine solution include:

  • Open water scenarios
  • Replace a tow tank test facility
  • Calculate final velocity, sink and trim from propulsion systems and vessel resistance

TotalSim Marine CFD Validation and Verification

We consistently perform V&V analysis against published test data. For hull resistance we’ve been compared to the technical report “Experimental Results for the Calm Water Resistance” performed by Naval Architecture and Engineering Department. Our combined solutions allow for a dedicated solution to replicate the physical tests.

Capabilities used in V&V analysis:

  • Replication of tow tank test
  • Exact match to test setup and operating conditions
  • Resistance calculated across the test conditions
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