TotalSim OpenFoam Training


Introduction to OpenFOAM


2 days


Training can take place at TotalSim’s offices or on-site with your company.


Included with every support contract


Experienced CFD engineers that are new to OpenFOAM®, or have some OpenFOAM® experience but are new to TotalSim’s methods.

Course Materials

Students will receive a printed copy of the course materials to keep.


  1. Introduction and Course Overview
  2. Standard OpenFOAM Overview
  3. OpenFOAM Meshing
  4. OpenFOAM Boundary Conditions
  5. OpenFOAM Tutorials
  6. Introduction to TotalSim’s Tools
  7. TotalSim Meshing
  8. TotalSim Boundary Conditions
  9. TotalSim Tutorial
  10. Analyzing Results
  11. Advanced Model Setup
  12. TotalSim Post Processing

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* OpenFOAM is a registered trademark of OpenCFD Ltd

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