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Racing Aerodynamics

TotalSim is exceptionally experienced in racing aerodynamics, led by Ray Leto with 25+ years of open wheel racing and Naethan Eagles, the former head of CFD at Williams F1.

TotalSim has designed and developed race cars in nearly all forms of racing categories, ranging from Formula 1 cars
to Le Mans Prototypes, GT sport-cars and many more. We have led numerous development programs working on conceptual designs and prototypes through to full production road and race cars.

TotalSim has consistently delivered performance gains seen computationally to the track. Several of our clients now go directly from CFD to track testing, removing the need for expensive wind tunnel testing. The rapid testing and design turnaround time necessary for the racing season shapes how we approach our other consulting services as well.

Some of the series we have worked on in the past include:

  • F1 – Worked with 8 of 12 on current grid
  • F2 – 1 Manufacturer
  • F3 – 2 Teams
  • LMP1 – 4 customers
  • LMP2 – 2 customers
  • Garage 56 – 1 customer
  • GP2 – 3 teams
  • GP3 – 2 teams
  • Rally – 3 Manufacturers
  • Champ car – 2 Teams
  • IRL – 1 Manufacturer and 5 Teams
  • NASCAR – 1 Manufacturer and 3 Teams
  • World Series by Renault – 1 Team
  • Touring Cars – 2 Teams
  • Landspeed cars & bikes – Buckeye Bullet, 1Manufacturer
  • Drag Racing: Funny Car and Pro-stock – 1 Manufacturer
  • Moto2 – 1 Manufacturer
  • Streetcars – 6 OEMs

The staff at Aston Martin Racing and Prodrive have worked with TotalSim for the past 9 years. Projects ranged from Ferrari GT and Aston Martin GT cars to LMP1. During this time a very effective working relationship developed and a methodology based on CFD and track testing evolved. TotalSim’s experience, particularly with GT class cars, is in my view second to none. Their experience has enabled tools and methods to be developed for aerodynamic development, which can be applied effectively and efficiently for the very best race car design. This has been demonstrated by 3 GT class victories at Le Mans in 6 attempts and over 100 International GT victories

— George Howard-Chappell – Former Team Principal and Technical Director Prodrive/Aston Martin Racing

The DeltaWing Le Mans 2012 project would have been impossible without the advances in computational modeling of many vehicle performance parameters. Most significantly for this project was the Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling provided by TotalSim; the revolutionary aerodynamic package that lead to the doubling of the car’s fuel efficiency compared to contemporary Le Mans cars was developed entirely using the services provided by TotalSim. The speed of turnaround, accuracy of data, advanced analysis techniques and excellent reporting methods were vital to the success of the project

— Ben Bowbly – Motor Racing Designer DeltaWing Concept Originator

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