CFD & Workflow Management in Racecar Engineering


Ray Leto, President and co-founder of TotalSim US, was among a distinguished group of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) leaders interviewed by Racecar Engineering in an article titled “Head in the Clouds”.  The article covers the latest developments in CFD as it applies to motorsports and the influence of cloud-based computing.

Restrictions on development, testing and cost caps in many motorsports series are causing teams to re-evaluate their methods for obtaining aerodynamic data.  CFD is a great way to replace some of the physical testing and bring down costs but if it isn’t done in a methodical way then it will not be economical or even worse not be repeatable and measurable.  Ray shared the importance of using automated tools for CFD pre- and post- processing including TotalSim’s TS Results to track and analyze results.   This type of workflow management allows teams to control the process so they get the most out of the CFD that they are able to do.

Learn more about the use of CFD in motorsports and read all that Ray had to say in this article from “Design of a Racecar: Modern racing technology – the inside story” from the experts at Racecar Engineering.

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