Ray Leto talks Mapping Aerodynamic Performance Data at EPARTRADE’s Race Industry Week

Ray Leto, President and co-founder of TotalSim, gave a webinar, “Mapping Aerodynamic Performance Data Using Streamlined CFD Workflow” during EPARTRADE’s Race Industry Week at the end of November 2021. This webinar builds on his 2020 presentation, which is available here.  

Ray started out the webinar with with a brief history of TotalSim.  Then he quickly moved on to discuss what aero data can tell you and how it can be used to improve your car’s on track performance.   If you are wondering where you can obtain this kind of aero data, TotalSim’s TS Aero app is a great resource – it allows you to input your geometry, set speed, yaw, ride height and other conditions so you can get the results you need using CFD.  Ray covers this and much more in this informative webinar.

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