Flexible 3D - Scanning Tailored To You

On-Site or Remote 3D-Scanning

Whether you want to ship your parts, bring your project to us or have a fully equipped laser scanning technician come to you, TotalSim can flexibly accommodate your project needs.


Laser scans can be delivered in .STL, .OBJ, .X3D, X3DZ, .dae, .fbx, .ma or wrl file formats to import into Solidworks, Fusion360, or other CAD programs.

  • Start with any part you want to scan
  • We scan that part using state of the art hardware and software capturing the surface and textures
  • With the files we provide, you can design your dream!

3D - Scanning for Custom Car Building

Designing and building professional grade custom parts in your home garage has never been more accessible with the advances in 3D-printing, rapid prototyping and mail-delivery CNC machining services.

Leverage the same people working with Nascar and iRacing to help bring your ideas and designs to life.

Design and Customization

Doing an engine swap and want to design your own mounts?

Wondering how to design your own body kit?

Will that turbo really fit there?

You can deliver your projects to us for scanning or we can come directly to you.

Manufacturing and Prototyping

Designing and building parts from scratch is tough, especially when you want to start manufacturing them yourself.

Starting your project ideas with highly accurate 3D models saves you the time of having to manually measure and model technical parts and surfaces.

Performance Optimization

Our team works with professional racing teams and major OEM's every day.

We provide everything from basic raw scan files, to watertight models for 3D printing, to conducting an aerodynamic analysis and optimization of your project.


Laser Scanning for Historical Preservation

By creating accurate 3D models and records, laser scanning can help ensure that important historical sites are preserved for future generations to enjoy and learn from.


3D - scanning can help preserve historical monuments or structures by creating highly accurate 3D models that can be used to identify deterioration.

Any changes, wear or damage can be detected early by regularly scanning the monument or structure.

This allows for repairs and preservation to be completed with ease.


By creating highly detailed and accurate 3D models of historical items, restoration teams can recreate missing or damaged features.

This ensures the restored pieces match as closely as possible to the original.

Research and Documentation

3D - scanning can be used to create virtual tours or educational materials. This allows people to explore historical items in detail, even if they're unable to visit in person.

TotalSim's scanning services are able to accurately capture all textures and colors, whether it's carbon fiber, or a rich piece of history.

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