How We Engage

Every client project is unique, so our engagement process is too.

We are willing to work with you in a way that makes the most sense for you no matter if you are a small R&D shop with a handful of employees, a large OEM with thousands of employees across the globe, a branch of the US Military or an individual improving the performance of their racecar in their garage.

We are highly collaborative and view ourselves as an extension of your team. Regularly scheduled conversations (daily, weekly or monthly), are the norm for the duration of every project. We are agile and proactive, utilizing a variety of communication tools to keep you in the loop and actively involved in the collaboration process.

How To Engage With Us

Time & Materials Project Based

Ideal Use: Projects are generally well defined but the scope may change as project progresses.

Example: Projects with some unknown complexities. Development of a new product or service.

Fee Structure: Hourly, typically a blended rate

Benefits: Allows for flexibility in scope and timing no matter the unknown.

Project Costs: Range from $5k to $150k; Average: $25k

Fixed Fee Project Based

Ideal Use: The project parameters, technical requirements and scope are fully defined.

Example: Projects with few complexities, a fully defined statement of work and clear deliverables.

Fee Structure: Fixed total fee

Benefits: Predictable budget, scope and timeline with well defined deliverables.

Project Costs: Range from $3k to $80k; Average: $20k

Strategic Consulting

Ideal Use: Onsite service to identify workflow strategies and conduct gap analysis to improve staff efficiency.

Example: Guidance on R&D best practices and methods to streamline and incorporate automation for improved efficiency. Staff training.

Fee Structure: Set fee

Benefits: Receive expert guidance that will improve your workflow long term.

Project Costs: Range from $5k+; Average: $7.5k


Ideal Use: Our self-service tools/apps allow you to run complex simulations on your car, truck, UAV, etc.

Example: Use our app to upload your CAD, set conditions, run simulations and interpret the results on your own.

Fee Structure: Fixed cost per run, pay as you go

Benefits: Cost effective and easy to perform. On demand service with computing power, scalability and storage for large, complex simulations.

Project Costs: Range from $150 to $1,600; Average: $400


Ideal Use: Serve as a long-term extension of your team; provide ongoing support to your internal resource.

Example: Long term strategic consulting where we provide recommendations, troubleshooting and solutions as an integrated part of your team.

Fee Structure: Recurring fixed fee (monthly, quarterly or annually)

Benefits: Provides your internal team the ongoing ability to collaborate with experts.

Project Costs: Range from $100k to $1M+; Average: $250k

CFD Support

Ideal Use: Provision and support of TotalSim suite of CFD tools and templates using your computer facilities or Cloud.

Example: Augment or replace commercial licence based tools with licence-free, open source tools.

Fee Structure: Fixed fee – annual

Benefits: Lower cost option to commercial tools. Pre-templated examples. Often used in conjunction with TotalSim outsourced project based work and transitioned to internal work.

Project Costs: Range from $20k+; Average: $27.5k

Communication tools used to simplify and encourage collaboration

We use the latest collaboration and communication tools to keep you engaged in the process from CAD creation, through simulation and then presentation of the results. It is our desire to use the tools that you are most comfortable with which can include email updates, file sharing, conference calls, video conferencing and where appropriate TS Results, a TotalSim designed app, to share final results.

Outperform the competition by taking advantage of our extensive CFD experience today.

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