TotalSim Awarded Mozilla Ignite Grants

TotalSim is participating in a project with the City of Dublin, Metro Data Center, OARNet, and Univ of Missouri to test the use of new remote desktop protocols and applications for use with Modeling and Simulation.

Project leader Dr. Prasad Calyam who recently moved from OH-TECH’s OARNet to a professorship at University of Missouri applied for and recieved a round 2 grant for the team from the Mozilla Foundation.

Then after some intial prototype work the group was interview for round 3 and again were awarded anothr grant!

The program is focusing now on creating Simulation and Modeling as a Service (SMaas) to further TotalSim and many other’s in our team’s desire to get these methodologies out to a broaded group of small to medium sized businesses. This fits in really well with the work we’ve recently done on a Dept of Energy project administered by NCMS that created a Truck Add-on Predictor

To read more about the project here and the Mozilla Ignite program.

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