Author name: Paul Gruenbacher


iRacing’s Ongoing Pursuit of Race Simulation Realism

Thanks to the meticulous work of the simulation industry’s leading artists and vehicle dynamicists, the 50+ digital race cars available on look, drive and race like their real world counterparts. The key word there is “digital.” For, when all is said and done, iRacing’s stock, sports and open wheel cars are constructed of advanced mathematics and physics calculations rather than physical parts. There isn’t a real bolt, A-arm or wing to be found.

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NASCAR Aerodynamics Model Study

Drive a car not originally built for racing around an oval track at 200 mph for a couple hours and you begin to understand why stock car drivers want the greatest and latest information on how their car will handle in close traffic on a banked curve. Traditionally engineers in NASCAR relied on wind-tunnel and track testing. But in recent years, NASCAR began looking for an alternative. 

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