Part 2: Using CFD to Evaluate Boat Aerodynamic Performance


Where hydrodynamics ruled in the first article, this second article focuses on the key role that aerodynamics plays on boat performance.  Naethan Eagles, Technical Director at TotalSim US, and other contributors discuss how aerodynamics effects everything from stability and safety to reducing wind noise and buffet in the cockpit. 

And for those that follow the industry, you may already know about the dramatic simultaneous side-by-side blow-over that occurred at the November 2019 Race World Offshore World Championships in Key West.   Scott Porta approached Naethan to learn more about what caused the incident and Naethan’s immediate thought was to use CFD and apply the methods and experience he’s gained from other motorsports work to help explain why it happened and evaluate what possible countermeasures can be used to reduce the risk of something similar occurring again.

Learn more about the Porta Performance CFD project by reading this article featured in the August/September 2021 Professional BoatBuilder magazine issue (also linked below).

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