Part 1: Using CFD to Evaluate Boat Hydrodynamic Performance


TotalSim was approached by Clay Ratcliffe and Scott Porta of Porta Performance to analyze the hydrodynamics of their hull design using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). CFD is used in the marine industry to determine how different types of fluids (air and water) interact with the boat. It can evaluate sink and trim and general seakeeping performance of vessels in flat water or waves. Improving propeller performance, identifying cavitation risks and assessing interaction of propulsion systems with vessels can be completed using CFD simulation. Another opportunity is modeling acoustics to address the creation and transmission of noise.

Learn more about the Porta Performance CFD project by reading the article featured in this month’s Professional Boat Builder magazine issue.  

Check out the second article to learn how we use CFD to analyze why powerboats flip at high speeds.

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