TotalSim US and Porta Performance team up to present at IBEX ‘22

Porta Performance and TotalSim US team up to present at IBEX ‘22 –
Professional BoatBuilder’s High-Tech Educational Seminar Series

August 31, 2022, New Smyrna Beach, FL; Announced this week is the return of Porta Performance and TotalSim US teaming up to bring high-tech hull design secrets to all boat builders at IBEX ‘22 in Tampa, FL. September 27 – 29, 2021.

The theme of this year’s technology seminar is: “Improve or NOT improve next year’s hull design?”  This seminar is squarely aimed at the boat builder asking the age-old question of, “Do I invest money in the hydrodynamics of my hull or just keep it status quo?”  Cost plays a big part in the decision.  Can boat builders actually sell more units by proving increased fuel efficiency, safety, handling and speed; or is it best to leave it alone and save money?  The experts at Perfect Storm provide answers to those difficult questions.  This special session is part of the technical seminar series produced by Professional BoatBuilder magazine, inspired by the article “CFD for Powerboat Design” and will be moderated by editor Aaron Porter.

“This year,” explained Porta, “we are reaching out directly to the Marine OEMs to attend.  To underscore that fact we have invited executives from Catalina / True North Yachts and Willard Marine to co-present. One of the exciting aspects about this seminar is to understand what fellow boat builders, faced with the same decision, chose to do.”

Scott Porta of Porta Performance described it best, “Historically our old school boat builders take an existing mold, cut and paste new widgets on to it, pull a part and see how it performs.  We can’t do that anymore. In the marine industry we have been building boats with old fashioned methods way too long.  We need to move toward design methods that our brothers in automotive have been using for years.”   He continues, “We found the time and expense of wind and water tunnels was too much for boat builders.  Next, we looked for experts in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).  Once we understood the technology, we found CFD was exactly what we needed.  Add to that, speed exaggerates everything.  If a design will work at 120 mph, it will work at 50 mph.”  He continued, “We need someone who understands high performance and marine technology.

TotalSim US was chosen as the CFD technology partner for Perfect Storm.  Not only does TotalSim’s UK based sister company have extensive marine design experience, but the US component has deep roots in IndyCar, Formula One, NASCAR, and IMSA Sports Car aerodynamics.  Perfect Storm, therefore, has “anchor technology tenants” with Porta Performance and TotalSim US at the helm.

Naethan Eagles leads the team for TotalSim US. He created the CFD Department for the BMW-Williams F1 Team. During his time there, he expanded the size and scope of the department, placing CFD at the heart of all aero development. Naethan has also served in aerodynamics R&D roles at Advantage-CFD, Rolls-Royce, among others.  TotalSim US also designed the Honda aero kit that won the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500.

The marriage was complete. By adding Scott Porta’s pedigree of 11 national, world, and sanctioning body titles in offshore racing, he and Naethan Eagles set to develop a unique and totally new bottom design.   This design provides universally better handling, faster speeds and greater control for any vessel.

Scott concludes, “These new tools of necessary hull improvement are part of a growing toolbox of knowledge targeted toward boat builders.  Once understood and applied, an entire spectrum of talent, experience and technology is available to each new model for each builder.”

Attendees of IBEX ’22 are encouraged to register and attend seminars the Educational Conference Program and especially Professional BoatBuilder magazine’s Refining Performance Hullforms Tuesday September 27, 2022.

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